The Best Stress Toys Recommended in 2021

A day at work overtime and stay up late, the pace of urban life has caused us to be invariably held hostage by various pressures, tension, anxiety, and even insomnia is also the norm, but there is nowhere to run.

A little way to release the pressure, such as holding a pen began not quite turn, nothing to go to the supermarket to pinch instant noodles, etc., by making a roar, kneading, smashing the way to let the body’s energy to release.

I will introduce some of the men who love to hand stress relief toys; gadgets spend little money, portable and fun, can play can put down, cure a moment of depression and boring.

Force fluid desk toy

Following the last dazzling, full of personality ferrofluid magician, and the new launch of this Force fluid desk toy (creative magnetic fluid desk ornament), which took a year to develop, has the ornamental nature of the desktop ornament, but also the operability of the toy, in any scene can be played at will.

The creative magnetic fluid desktop ornament has three colors: black, gray, and gold, including a magnetic fluid desktop ornament body, a pair of magnets, by letting the magnet and the magnetic fluid close contact so that the magnetic fluid in the container to move freely, it is sometimes open teeth and claws, sharp, sometimes unpredictable, ethereal movement, people, loves it. Creative magnetic fluid desktop ornament 15.8cm high, the product net weight 260G, using an upgraded version of the nano-technology magnetic fluid material, increases the spiral setting. The magnetic fluid is hidden at the top. The magnet is hidden inside the handle, making it safer during play.

KLEINE Spinner

Spinner, for the United States now EDC circle of fire can not play the hand, so to speak, is the new pet of pen enthusiasts, is the treatment of the obsessive-compulsive disorder, irritability, urban depression and boredom of the best “medicine.”

Yandex venting sphinx

Recently the smile gradually disappeared. There is depression, resentment, low —— good to do, give you a head, let you enjoy kneading a little, dedicated to you in trouble, so that you do not know to forget the passage of time.

This set of four expressions of the human face ball, a subtle imitation of the real human expressions and production, respectively, there are four expressions of hoo, hip, ha, oh, can be kneaded, drop, so that the human face to make a variety of dumb and funny expressions, gently let go, and return to the original appearance. The human face ball is made of polyurethane resin, respectively, black and white. The product surface will have a layer of white dry powder to prevent staining.

Fingertip Building Blocks

As a company with a wide range of products, Xiaomi has brought us many products full of surprises and affordable. This Mi Rabbit fingertip building block consists of 33 pieces, 32mm * 64mm * 16mm after completing the assembly, small size, delicate to carry. The classic white, gray, and orange design, simple appearance, pleasing to the eye. The fingertip blocks can also combine the fingertip blocks with other accessories of the MiBunny building block robot to play your own creativity ~

Fidget Cube Decompression dice Rubik’s cube cubes

Fidget Cube is a tiny cube, but its six sides are littered with tiny, trivial organs, suitable for various small movements that can not stop the handicapped party.

For example, for children who like to pinch the bubble paper, you can try the dense small button surface. Like to press, the light switch students are saved, this switch with you how to press will not break and like to rock the rocker, anyway, you want to shake how to shake it, of course, there are rotating, rolling gear, touch, slide and other small objects for you to fiddle with, you can always find a way you like to soothe the itchy hands.

Lazy egg water balloon

They look white, chubby, like eggs and dumplings, not to be eaten, but only to be rubbed to your heart’s content. There are two types: a cooked, boiled egg and the other is a raw, boiled egg. You can enjoy kneading in your hands, about 6.5cm high, made of TPR and water, super elastic, pinch, release your stress. A friendly reminder, be sure to remember to wash your hands. Children over 14 years old can play, pay attention to avoid children and the elderly accidentally eat, avoid contact with sharp objects.

MOKURU Decompression bar

This is a ready-to-use decompression stick, material for high-quality beech wood, yellow, white, red, black, and other colors, lacquer using environmentally friendly water-based paint, large size 9.5 * 2.5cm.

MOKURU small stick is through the middle and metal counterweight on both sides. Focus on skills, with the skills to improve will be more interesting. A variety of ways to entertain, basic spinning gyroscope play, bowling game, and advanced level using a MOKURU from top to bottom flip another MOKURU while using both hands to create a square. There are even expert levels that use two MOKURUs and flip them with one hand simultaneously. It is also possible to use multiple people together.


Here are so many stress relief toys. Hurry to choose one to release your stress!

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