My New Stress Relieving Toy Desktop Punching Bags

These days I got a new toy, a Desktop Punching Bags, unhappy, stressed when you could punch it a few times, and then worry about feeling thrown out, the whole body feels comfortable, you also want a Desktop Punching Bags?

I was hoping you could take a look at what my Desktop Punching Bags look like.

I bought it on Amazon, and you probably saw it on the first page.

It consists of three parts

Its dimensions are like the one shown in the figure below.

Desktop Punching Bag Size

…Above is a SOFT solid PVC leather ball. There are two colors to choose from in the store, one in red and one in red and black. It looks like the material is made of leather, but I believe it is not because the price is too low. When I first opened the delivery box, it was flat, just like a basketball that needs to be inflated to bulge up, so they also included a pump.

In the middle is a stainless steel spring, left and right swaying elasticity are provided by it. To my strength, breaking it does not take much effort, but be careful not to be hit by it or very painful. Please do not ask me how I know.

There is a pad made of elastic rubber at the bottom, which is used to fix the desktop Punching Bags. Its shape is very shallow, like a plate, and the top has a plastic slot. You can insert the spring in it or very solid.

The following base is the adsorption type. The principle is to squeeze out the air in the plate so that the inside and outside form a difference in air pressure, atmospheric pressure to provide pressure, so the table must be smooth enough to adsorb firmly. If it is not strong enough, I have a little trick here to sprinkle some water to the table so that the Rough desktop will fill the Rough desktop with water; the chassis is very smooth. But this suction does not last long, and after a short time, it will be up again. If you do not often move, you can find a way to fix it on the desktop.

How to put it together

Its very simple structure does not take much effort to install and only requires four steps to complete.

Step 1

Connet the spring and suction cup by turning the sping in clockwise.

Step 2

Connect the spring and the ball by turning the ball in clockwise.

Step 3

Inflate the punching ball with the pump.

Step 4

Clean the desk and place the ball on it.

Use feeling

When I hit it, the spring is not much sound, but the connection between the base and the spring will still make some Kazi crunching sound, if in a tranquil environment, believe me, you will become the focus of everyone.

It looks pretty solid overall. The only thing that worries me is the connection between the spring and the base, where it often vibrates; it may not take long to loosen and break. I see a lot of people in the comments section are broken here.

It hasn’t been damaged after a few days of play, and it does help reduce stress, but if you want to use it to practice your muscles, I advise you to give up the idea. After a hard hit, you can throw it in the garbage.

You want to be in a stress relief toy well, welcome to discuss in the comments.



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