The World’s Hottest Stress Toys in 2021

In 2017, decompression toys were on fire around the world. In a stressful pace of work and life, we need more decompression toys to reduce pressure. Today the toy circle editor brings various popular decompression toys at home and abroad to everyone together to decompress!


A ring that translates

The Echo Ring can translate without an internet connection. Just update the thesaurus in the mobile app. In addition to the translation function, Echo Ring is also equipped with a control function, and you can easily remote control a variety of compatible devices. For example, if you have an Echo speaker at home and a smart coffee pot, you can say “make coffee” to the ring when you are in bed, and you can get up and drink aromatic, refreshing coffee.

Banana Phone

This banana-type phone is not a phone but a Bluetooth device. When it is connected to your smartphone, you can use it to answer calls. In addition to answering calls, you can also use the banana phone to start Siri or other voice assistants. It’s still fun to buy as a prank to fool your buddies!

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The pen that never fades

This new blue pigment pen called “YInMn” is made with a dye developed by chemists at Oregon State University. The dye consists of black manganese oxide mixed with other chemicals and heated in a furnace to nearly 2,000° F. The chemical structure is so stable that it will not fade even after prolonged exposure to air. It does not fade even in oil and water and is claimed never to fade. It can’t be better for writing love letters!

Infinite Squares

When you are bored in your hands, if you do not have something to play with, simply uncomfortable, this is called the “Infinity Cube (Infinity Cube)” gadget, is too suitable for the global “ADHD size children.

Infinity Cube consists of eight small cubes, which can be turned from any direction and angle, without any limitation. You can play with one hand, two hands; play at work, play at home; play with books, play walking, without much thought, follow the feeling of randomly flip is enough. It is simply the best tool to relieve stress. The Infinity Cube is made of high-quality anodized aluminum, connected by a G-10 fiber optic link and brass pins, making it exquisite and durable. The only place to complain is the price, $76 is not cheap, but considering the artistry, materials are adequate and full of creativity, or understandable.

A smart eye mask that plays music

Easy Rest smart eye mask is made of slow rebound memory foam, combined with skin-friendly milk silk design, whether touching or wearing, is very comfortable. The two sides of the earmuffs are headphone covers, which can play HiFI level music. The bonding is made of non-stick hair Velcro, so girls don’t have to worry about their hair being stuck down at all. More importantly, it does not need to be charged. It uses the Lighting interface, directly plugged into the Apple phone, open the “Easy Rest App” can begin to use. The eye mask will be based on the user’s brain waves intelligent recommendation for sleep music, music playback, and real-time adjustment of the type of music, state, and volume, and play some white noise conducive to sleep to create a better sleep environment.

Digital camera with transparent case

The Croz pocket camera was developed and designed by Paper Shoot (Paper Shoot), a Taiwan-based company, in collaboration with Macau’s Hyle Design and is made of a transparent plastic case. The Croz has no LCD screen, but there is an indicator to remind the user if the SD card is loaded or if the shot was successful, and the lens can also use the lens with an external fisheye lens wide-angle conversion lens to change the angle of view.

High-value glowing rings


The Damascus Steel Glow Rings are made of Damascus steel with a unique pattern, and each ring has its own unique and distinctive pattern. The inner ring is inlaid with luminescent rings made of transparent resin mixed with strontium aluminate-based luminescent powder, which can glow in the dark for six hours after exposure to UV light for a short time.


The ring’s luminescent ring has seven colors of light green, green, blue, purple, white, yellow, and red.

Can’t stop the fingertip gyro

Finger Spinner is a bearing symmetrical structure, can be turned over the fingers of a small toy; from the beginning of 2016 in North America began to be popular, and now has been on fire INS circle of friends, the total number of video views in YOUTUBE more than one hundred million.

Decompression magic cube Fidget Cube

This is a small cube called Fidget Cube, bigger than a dice, smaller than a Rubik’s cube. The Cube is available in various colors and is small enough that you can easily slip it into your pocket, whether you’re waiting for the bus, going to class, or having a meeting no matter what.


MOKURU Pressure Reducing Bar

Masakazu Node from Japan Masakazu Node has designed a small toy, MOKURU, which looks like a very ordinary short wooden stick. Still, the prototype of MOKURU can be traced back to 20 years ago when Mr. Toshio Sato first came up with the idea Masakazu Node adapted and refined the concept. Masakazu Nodera’s motto is simple: don’t make simple, easy-to-play toys, but create gadgets that bring the fun!

Infinite bubble squeezing

Shinpei Takahashi of Bandai designed this toy. He was bored while shipping the product, squeezed the plastic “bubble” package, and found it very “interesting,” so he got the inspiration. At the beginning of development, Takahashi designed the toy with a hard feel. Later, he changed the finger squeezing part into a double hemisphere and finally realized the feeling of squeezing “bubbles.” The toy is equipped with built-in speakers, squeezing sound; every 100 times will also be squeezed dog barking, doorbell, and other special sound effects. “Infinite squeeze bubble” has been a huge hit since its introduction, selling more than 300,000 units within 9 days of its introduction to the market, and has now sold more than 2.3 million units. It is priced at 819 yen (about $ 7.4).

Infinite squeeze hair beans

Infinite hairy beans emulate the shape and feel of normal hairy beans, a squeeze pod, hairy beans will poke out their heads, hand release, hairy beans will shrink back, so then you can squeeze again and again. It is said that you can repeat this tens of thousands of times back and forth with no problem. You are not afraid to rub your hands through the skin.

Think ink pen

Multifunctional new stationery, so that people can not write with care. This decompression pen actually does not look too different from the ordinary ink pen, but it has more accessories. In addition to the pen’s body, also equipped with additional magnetic, bendable folding chain beads can have a variety of different combinations with the decompression pen, endless variations.

Decompression Mushroom

Lara is healthier

Pea wind-up toys

The wind-up toy that can climb over various obstacles looks a bit odd. Once fully wound up and moving, its neurotic movements. It will definitely get you a laugh! Each toy has a story, funny. Quirky elves. But the freedom and peace. Fun is what these things want to bring to everyone.

Decompression poop toys

Press the poo will spit out the tongue Oh – ~ so dirty ~

Magnetic class toys

A small transparent glass bottle + a small magnet, you can play a lot of tricks, magnetic play year ah!.”

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